Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Services

Neck joint is one of the image editing techniques, applied to remove or combine the neck of mannequin to a new image. Ghost Mannequin Service is another name of neck joint service. Generally these images created by three parts namely front part, inner part and back part. Normally the inner part is made by the other two parts to create a real image using the neck joint technology.

Culture has upped the importance of Photoshop or illustrator neck joint services. The output photo is much better in terms of quality. So, this method can also be used for developing an original image.

Ghost mannequin service will produce a awesome outlook of any kinds of images such as humans, equipment, products, services and transportation photos. It is generally applied in garments sector products such as the sweaters, blouses, t-shirts, shirts, pants etc.

Our professional experienced designer will make a perfect output of the photos by using Photoshop or illustrator image mannequin method.


We use to handle everything for you, in a very short time and for a very effective cost and of course according to your requirements. The price charged for Neckjoint typically starts from $ 1.00 per image. Our Turnaround time is 24 hours.

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